Phylogeography and Conservation of Postglacial Relicts
from October 18th-20th, 2007 at the National Museum of Natural History (Luxembourg)

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Phylogeography - the history and formation of species, John C. Avise (2000)
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Sustainable development and the conservation of biological diversity have become a major topic for science and politics since the Rio Convention in 1992. One of the key objectives of the convention is the conservation of inter- and intraspecific variability across the globe. Current diversity patterns are strongly influenced by both historic effects such as ice ages, and recent effects such as land management. Of particular importance in this context is the understanding and conservation of postglacial relict species, which give key information on the distribution of genetic diversity in today’s world. Therefore, the proposed meeting will focus on relict species in the context of biodiversity protection.

Relict populations usually suffer more severely from environmental stochasticity than non-relict populations. This situation has recently changed to the worse due to anthropogenic landuse changes resulting in increasing fragmentation and decreasing habitat sizes. As a consequence, the numbers and sizes of many relict populations have decreased as well, often combined with the loss of genetic diversity and reduced individual fitness. To stop and finally reverse this development, numerous conservation efforts have been introduced, for example the Habitats and Birds Directives in the European Union.

This meeting will provide a platform for scientists to discuss the phylogeography of species and their conservation management. Population biology and phylogeography are crucial for the conservation of relict species and their genetic diversity. The meeting provides a unique opportunity in bringing together representatives from natural sciences and applied conservation management. This combination will enable participants to develop new ideas on how to manage these endangered populations of major importance.

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